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What is PMA.control

PMA.control is a dedicated tool for building, training, re-training, tuning and testing of histopathologic tests or scoring systems.

PMA.control is intended for use at departments of pathology, research institutes, universities and quality control organisations.

It is intended for use by students, scientists and teachers in (bio-)medical science, histology, cytology, histopathology.

You can use it for

  • design, development and validation of new scoring algorithms/systems
  • training and retraining a scoring algorithm/system
  • tuning for an existing scoring algorithm/system (e.g. HER2 scoring system)
  • ring studies and surveys

PMA.control can guide you through the whole process from design to validation of a scoring method.

In the pma.control software four roles have been defined:

  • user / trainee: you are a participant in a session that was setup for you.
  • trainer / supervisor: you are leading a session. You can guide all the participant through the training from start to end
  • project owner: you can setup a project and sessions. You can add content to the project and facilitate sessions, from invitations of participants to facilitate analysis of all data captured during the sessions in your project(s).
  • administrator: you are responsible for the complete setup of the pma.control software. You are responsible for all user administration including role-assignment.

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