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Slide Browser

Once you login to, in the left “Side browser” panel you’re presented with a navigation tree that reflects the slides hosted in PMA.core. Besides, when you login; it would show up a popup window that allows you to open/restore the opened slide folder you accessed last time around.

You can click on any of the PMA.core instance and it will show a login popup that would allow you to access that particular instance and explore folders/slides under it.

The slide browser panel has a number of buttons itself, which can be used to customized your viewing experience.

Choose between “Tree based navigation” or “Gallery based navigation”

First one of these buttons is allows you to switch between “Tree based navigation” and “Gallery based navigation”.

(Tree Based Navigation)

The tree integrates your folder structure and your slides into a single list, which is different from PMA.core. Pick a folder from your tree with some slides in it, then hover over the various buttons to see their respective tooltip and try out their effect. You can click any of the slides to view it in detail.

(Gallery Based Navigation)

When you click on the same button again, it will switch you to gallery based listing of slides under the root or the the selected folder. You can click any of the slides to view it in detail.


The button “Refresh” allows you to refresh the list of folders and slides.

This is useful if you're doing slide management in PMA.core in parallel. You may be uploading additional slides, or renaming them. doesn't know this automatically, and a refresh of the tree structure may be warranted.

Open in new tab

This current determined whether new slides (when clicked upon) should be opened either

  • in the current viewport (effectively overriding the presently shown content), or
  • open the slide in a new viewport in a new tab

The status of this button doesn't impact the drag and drop method of opening a slide

Toggle Preview

This button allows you to enable/disable preview of a slide.

Quick connect

The last button “Quick Connect” allows you to connect to a different PMA.core instance other than the list of servers you see in the left panel. Once you add the details of the server that server will be added to the list of servers you already see in the slide panel and you can bowser folder/slide as per your convenience.

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