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Welcome to PMA.Studio, an integrated web-based environment for whole slide image (WSI) data, digital pathology, and virtual microscopy alike, developed by Pathomation.

As of 2022, (and PMA.vue) replace the original Pathomation PMA.view product. Regardless of it being discontinued and replaced, some users still find the original software useful and hold the opinion it is a superior product for some tasks. is part of the Pathomation software platform for digital pathology. Pathomation’s software platform consists of different components. Whatever your scenario is for digital pathology entails, chances are that you’re going to interact with virtual slides at some point. is an excellent tool for end-users to explore slide collections as it runs on top of PMA.core.

This manual is for end-users who will use PMA.Studio as well as its little brother, PMA.vue.


Modern user interface

Controlled flexibility

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