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Area is a group of pages inside web-application, PMA.Studio has 2 areas - Admin and Viewer. Admin area contains pages that control application state and configuration and viewer area consists of pages that user spent most of the time that gives access to slide viewing and related functionality.

Panels and panel stacks

A panel is a separate application component of specific type. There are n panels - Viewer, Tree, Tray and others, you can find more details in Panels section.

A panel stack is a group of panels organized in tabbed view each tab contains single panel and at one time only single tab can be visible in panel stack.


Ribbon is a group of controls (buttons, dropdowns etc.) placed on top of viewer area. On the illustration below you can see a Ribbon with specific configuration, it can be different on your side.

Tile server

A tile server is a web application - PMA.Core or PMA.Start or My Pathomation, that stores slides and provides API which PMA.Studio is utilizing. More information about what a tile server is can be found on your YouTube channel.

User account

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