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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when my slides don't render properly?

When your slides are corrupt, you can experience either one of the following symptoms when trying to view it in our software:

It's possible for a slide to render partially:

Or, it's possible for a slide to be reported as “missing”, even if it's there on your hard disk physically:

When you encounter either of the following, it's possible that your original slide is indeed corrupt, or that you are working with a variant of a file format that we haven't encountered before and therefore currently don't support.

Do you support external hard disks?

We do, but we don't support plug and play. If you external hard disk doesn't show up after opening up the PMA.start front-end user interface, the easiest way to re-start the software.

If that still doesn't solve the problem, you may have found a bug and you can contact us with your symptoms.

Why can't I see my mapped network drives?

PMA.start doesn't support network drives. In order to keep PMA.start free of charge, we opted to limit its functionality to locally stored content. If you want shared access to common network resources, consider upgrading to PMA.core, our commercial tile server.

I am behind a proxy server

PMA.start will try to autodetect your proxy server settings and authorization settings from your OS. This is mainly used for server to server communication in the transfer page

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