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When you run into trouble with PMA.start, you can open a support ticket at

When applicable, please include the PMA.start logfile with your ticket, which you can retrieve from the PMA.start control panel:

Unsupported files

It's possible for your slides not to render properly.

When your slides are corrupt, you can experience either one of the following symptoms when trying to view it in our software:

It's possible for a slide to render partially:

Or, it's possible for a slide to be reported as “missing”, even if it's there on your hard disk physically:

When you encounter either of the following, it's possible that your original slide is indeed corrupt, or that you are working with a variant of a file format that we haven't encountered before and therefore currently don't support.

Version info

It often helps to include the version number as well in your communication with us.

You can find the version number of PMA.start and its various components through the menu:

As well as the control panel (activated from the Systray):

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