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Pathomation Image Management Software

PIMS is a state-of-the-art digital pathology image management and viewing solution designed to empower pathologists and lab professionals with an advanced, user-friendly platform organising the image viewing workflow from lab to pathologist. PIMS was Co-created in close collaboration with Pathology Labs, bringing together pathology lab expertise and industry software design to build an efficient solution addressing the real needs of pathology labs.

Key Features of Pathomation Image Management Software (PIMS):

  1. Robust Image Management: PIMS provides a secure and scalable platform for the management of digital pathology images no matter their format or location, ensuring easy web browser-based access to critical data for end users.
  2. Universal Image Diagnostic Viewing: PIMS is CE-IVD certified for diagnostic use for viewing and measuring for an extensive list of supported image file formats.
  3. Intuitive User Interface: Designed with the end user in mind, PIMS offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for professionals at all levels of expertise.
  4. Integration and Interoperability: PIMS integrates with laboratory information systems, making it a versatile addition to any digital pathology workflow.
  5. Seamless Expansion: PIMS runs on the same technology as other pathomation products; by adding modules, one solution can support your needs for training, teaching, researching and knowledge sharing within the pathology community.

PIMS modular design

Pathomation's PIMS sets a new standard in digital pathology image management and viewing, offering features and functionality comparable to the industry's most advanced solutions. PIMS is a robust platform designed to streamline the digital pathology workflow in the lab, and ultimately improve patient care. Pathomation’s unique modular software approach enables both adding other Pathomation products and building your own applications.

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