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My Pathomation wiki start page

My Pathomation is a cloud platform offering services for digital pathology applications.

My Pathomation is a cloud based platform for storing and sharing images for all scanner file formats and comes with advanced features like annotation tools, collection organisation, access management and student course building. Registered users can store whole slide images and share them in an easy and universal way.

My Pathomation has multiple user profiles including managers, content editors and members each with different access rights. Whole slide images can be organised in folders but also be part of collections, the tag features provides an additional layer of data for identification. My Pathomation comes with a course builder tool and easy setup and management of groups and access right to all content.

My Pathomation offers free image storage up to 10Gb, for storing lager volumes of images a monthly volume based subscription fee is required starting at 30 EUR for a 25Gb storage volume. Users can increase and decrease their required storage volume as required. There is no upper limit for the storage volume.

The My Pathomation cloud platform is compatible with all routine whole slide image formats

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