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Static snapshots

PMA.Studio allows you to take snapshot of the selected slide. Once you click on the snapshot button under the “GRID” tab, a popup window for “Save snapshot” appears with multiple options related to the slide before saving it. You can specify:

  1. Image Format
  2. Filename Template
  3. Show Scale Bar
  4. Show Annotations
  5. Show Slide Overview
  6. Show Barcode
  7. Show Slide Label
  8. Scale Size
  9. Scale Type
  10. Resolution

You have two options to save a snapshot, if you press “Save Snapshot” it will generate an image that can be saved on your system or if you press “To Clipboard”, it will copy that slide to clipboard and you can simply paste it over.

Quick Snapshot

Quick snapshot allows taking quick snapshot of annotation areas on the selected slide. If there are more than one annotations it will create a zip folder of images.

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