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Initiating a download

In the context of PMA.transfer, a download refers to the action of transferring a slide from a remote site (either PMA.core or My Pathomation) to a local site (local HDD). There are four options to launch a download :

  • Select a slide on remote site (Table view to the right) then click on button
  • Select a slide on local site (Table view to the left) then click on menu “Transfer” on the toolbar then select menu item “Download slide”
  • Mouse right click inside the left table view borders, then select “Download slide to local folder” context menu item to download the slide to the local site.
  • Drag & drop : drag a slide from the right, then drop it on the left. The cursor switches to on drag, on drop and when an operation is forbidden.

Download of a folder (recursively) :

The download of a folder can be performed via a click on context menu item “download folder to local site” . Once successfully initiated, The folder and its sub-directories are sub-consequently created on local side then the download of contained slides is operated to corresponding destinations.

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