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Monitoring a transfer

The table view is intended to monitor transfer progress and keep track of transfers' outcome.

When a transfer is started, the slide is added to the view in a table view fashion. The status and the progress bar for each slide keep the end user informed about the transfer progress.

It's worth adding that since this is a server to server transfer, the speed of the operation is way faster than the one for an upload or a download, therefore the transfer of some big slides (> 1GB) can take very little time.

Once the transfer is complete, an integrity check takes place behind the scenes, in case the fingerprint doesn't match, the integrity window pops up (a red font is used to mark the incoherence on the fingerprint)

Once all transfers are complete, a window pops up to keep the end user informed that all transfers are over :

For complete transfers, the end user have the possibility to launch the integrity check window (this can be done via mouse right click on the root of the slide or directly via a double click on that same root).

An integrity check windows then pops up to compare both slides on sender/receiver remote sites :

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