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The tree table view is intended to monitor download progress and keep track of successful/aborted downloads. The toolbar to the bottom permits to switch between queued uploads/downloads, successful and aborted ones.

Queued files :

When a download is started, the slide (including the related files) are added to the view in a tree fashion. The progress bar, download speed and remaining time for each file and also the whole slide keep end user informed about the upload progress.

It's worth adding :

  • For multi-file slides the files are sorted by size in descendant order to give end users the best user experience
  • When the internet connection is lost, the status switches to “stalling…” till the connection is established again, then it switches back to “Running…” and the download resumes

Once the download is complete, an integrity check takes place behind the scenes, in case the fingerprint doesn't match, the integrity window pops up (a red font is used to mark the incoherence on the fingerprint)

Once all downloads are complete, a window pops up to keep the end user informed that all downloads are over :

Aborted transfers :

By design, downloads on PMA.transfer aren’t supposed to “fail”, it keeps relaunching failed downloads indefinitely till a complete and successful download is achieved. Therefor the downloads shown following a click on this button are downloads that were intentionally aborted via click on button “stop”.

Successful transfers :

Keeps track of successful transfers (either uploads or downloads), while giving also end users the possibility to call back the integrity check window (this can be done via mouse right click on the root of the slide or directly via a double click on that same root).

An integrity check windows then pops up to compare both slides on local/remote sites :

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