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Initiating a transfer

In the context of PMA.transfer, a transfer refers to the action of transferring a slide from a remote server (either PMA.core or My Pathomation) to a remote server (either PMA.core or My Pathomation). There are three options to initiate a server to server transfer :

  • On the remote servers tree view, select a slide then perform a mouse right click and select option “Transfer slide to remote server”

  • When a remote server is loaded on the left table view, mouse right click inside the left table view borders, then select “transfer slide(s) to remote slide” context menu item to transfer the selected slide to the remote site on the right table view. It's worth mentioning that it's possible to select multiple slides via Ctrl keyboard button to perform a bulk transfer

  • Drag & drop : drag a slide from the left, then drop it on the right. The cursor switches to on drag, on drop and when an operation is forbidden.
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