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With PMA.slidebox, you can publish up to four collections simultaneously.

A collection is a path to a root-directory hosted by PMA.core. It can be a sub-path of a root-directory, like /root/path/to/my/collection.

We elaborate on preparing your slides to put in your collections elsewhere in this wiki.

Once you have your slides and basic properties configured, there are a couple of extra things you do.

  • You can prepare multiple case collections, but only have a select number enabled at any given time. The same principle applies with case collections managed via PMA.control.
  • Each case collection can have its own unique avatar for easy visual identification in the end-user interface. Choose from a pre-defined list, or upload your own. Re-sizing of your content occurs automatically.
  • A collection can be associated with an arbitrary search keyword, so the collection can be referenced directly in communication with end-users. You may be teaching different classes, or teach the same class at different levels. In the latter case, it can be helpful to have the search keywords undergrad and grad associated with your respective collections, so you can refer to them as https://server/slidebox/?undergrad and https://server/slidebox/?grad.

In the example below, you see that two collections are active. The first is temporarily made unavailable. Each organ collection furthermore receives a predefined image from the theme 16 theme.

Finally, each organ collection is associated with a keyword, so it can be referenced directly in email communication with students.

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