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PMA.core prerequisites

Create root-directories

We need to tell PMA.core our slides live. You do this by creating a root-directory.

Next, you create a mounting point that tells PMA.core where the slides’ files are actually stored.

Slides can be stored in a folder on the hard disk, but a mounting pointing point can also be in Microsoft Azure , or refer to an Amazon S3 bucket.

Users and service accounts

Not all users have access to PMA.core. You do (obviously) when you go and create new root-directories.

PMA.slidebox requires a PMA.core user account to be able to retrieve content from it. Therefore, it is recommended that you create a separate PMA.core account for each public PMA.slidebox portal. In our licensing model, we refer to this kind of user accounts as service accounts. A service account is a concept; it's not something that you can explicitly specify in the PMA.core user interface. What you should do, however, is define the PMA.core user account with the Administrative flag set to False.

PMA.slidebox re-uses the same user account time and time again. This means that when you have two people John and Michael navigating to your PMA.slidebox website, you won't be able to distinguish who did what afterwards. There's no audit trailing or individual tracking with PMA.slidebox (if you do need that kind of granularity, refer to or PMA.control).

What's next?

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