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Content sharing

PMA.slidebox is great for setting up public collections that are relatively static, but occasionally you want to send just one case or one slide out for review, or as a reference to somebody.

This is where Content sharing comes in handy.

Provided you want to share select content from your already defined collections, you can choose any slide or any case, and copy the relevant source code directly into your own placeholders.

We provide various examples of what you can share and how you can embed content:

  • Choose to either embed live slide views or static thumbnails, by referring either to thumb.php or slide.php
  • If you only want to add the occasional live slide view to a snippet of HTML code, use the embed code. It automatically wraps the correct <iframe> code around the abovementioned slide.php for quick and easy website integration. However: be aware that for systematic inclusion of slide content in Content Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS), we offer better ways through a variety of plugins.
  • Last but not least, if you want to build powerful digital pathology interfaces yourself, you probably don't want to use the iframe-technique. It doesn't scale well, and can even be prohibited for security reasons like XSS or MITM risks.
  • For the highest level and most flexible level of integration therefore, we provide JavaScript code snippets that rely on <div> placeholders. If you don't know what CSS or JavaScript is, this isn't for you. But if you do: this is your place to start. The snippets offered are boilerplate code based on our PMA.UI framework. Have a look at our developer portal to learn more about the most powerful digital pathology slide visualization framework out there!

You can both embed cases and individual slides. For cases, the thumbnail URL is now shown. But when you link to a case via our default case.php script, you will be presented with a (PMA.UI) thumbnail gallery to select your slide from.

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