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Your first collection

This section reads like a tutorial. Several subjects are only cursively treated, while we focus on the overall task at hand: you just got PMA.slidebox, and want to get your first slides sent out to your audience fast.

Reading not your thing? We also explain how to create your first PMA.slidebox site in an YouTube video

We distinguish the following steps:

  • Gather your slides. We assume you have virtual slides at your disposal in a supported file format.
  • Configure PMA.core to host your slides.
  • Connect PMA.slidebox to PMA.core.
  • Share your end-user portal with the world.

Part 1: Gather your slides

Let's say that you have a folder of slides that you want to share with your audience.

To get you started quickly, let's also assume that nothing fancy is going on here: You have a single directory with a handful of slides that you want to share.

Part 2: PMA.core preparation

Make sure that your slides are copied in a local folder on your server that hosts PMA.core. PMA.core is the tile server that will translate your slides to PMA.slidebox.

Once you have your slides in a folder, you have to log in to PMA.core with your personal (administrative) user account.

Go to root-directories, and create a new File System folder (or a different kind depending on where you want to store your slides; do remember that this specific section is a “let's get you started quickly”).

Once you've done this, you'll see your slides appear in the PMA.core slide manager.

Part 3: PMA.slidebox configuration

Now go to the PMA.slidebox configuration page. Log in with the same credentials that you just used to access PMA.core.

Fill out your same credentials in the server configuration panel. This is not the best way to set up PMA.slidebox per se, but it will do for now.

Now go to the content panel, check the first checkbox: for now you're creating a slidebox portal with a single collection.

Select the root-directory from PMA.core that you just created; add a flashy icon for your slide collection if you want to.

Make sure to save your shiny new slidebox. And…

That's it; you're done!

Part 4: spread the word!

Your slidebox is ready at the location where it was installed by your system administrator (or Pathomation).

Click the URL; your slide collection should automatically appear, and you can zoom, pan… you know… all the cool stuff.

Note that in this view, you're not asked any credentials to log in anymore.

The slidebox is ready for sharing, too, all you need to do is copy its URL in your favorite messenger application, and your audience is good to go, as well.

See the rest of this wiki website to dig into the nitty gritty details: configure your viewport, define true cases, add meta-data, set up extra collections for your colleagues etc.

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