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Connection to a remote site

To connect to a remote server (for the purpose of a “server to server” transfer), you need to click on button “local folder” then select the menu item “Remote server” :

The following window opens up, option “Add remote server” should be selected :

Then a windows dialog opens up to define the connection information for the target server :

The end user can choose either to fill the connection details manually or load one of the configurations stored on the site manager. It's worth mentioning that when the “Server Type” radio button switches to “My Pathomation”, the text field “Host” is masked as it's not needed.

When the end user is done defining the connection details, he should click on connect to initiate a connection to the remote server

If the connection successful, the remote server is loaded on the tree view

From there, two options are available via a mouse right click :

  • Load server on table view

This loads the content on the remote server to the table view to the left (which is naturally dedicated to the local HDD), this results in a remote server connection on both the right and left table view (it's worth noting that a connection to remote server on the left table view is not possible unless a connection to a PMA.core instance or My Pathomation is already established on the table view to the right)

  • Disconnect server

This removes the remote server from the tree view and subsequently switches the table view to the right to load the content on the local HDD

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