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Who should read this?

Histotechnicians, pathologists, administrators and software engineers should read this user guide and use it for reference while using the system.

This document is intended

  • for users (administrators) who need to know how to set up PMA.core, as well as
  • for end-users (though the latter will typically interact with downstream applications such as PMA.view,, or PMA.control).

The wiki introduces the user-facing client application of PMA.core and how to get started. We detail the various user interfaces, and indicate where users can access further help and support.

For system administrators specifically, we include

  • instructions for installing and configuring a PMA.core server
  • information on managing users and data (tasks which full system administrators can also delegate to facility managers or other trusted users)

Developers can use the information in these pages to get an overall idea of what PMA.core is and does. For specific software development purposes and integration workflows however, they should consult our developer portal.

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