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What's new in version 2.2.4.d67f7abd23?

   PMA.transfer 2.2.4.d67f7abd23 is an improved version 
   of the previous PMA.transfer with 
   fixed bugs and new features in functionality.

General improvements

  • In this build version upload and download slides and folders execute whru Maven dependency(
  • The filling of progressive bars executes thru the callback of the HTTP interceptor.
  • Upload and download methods allow executing transfer slides to different storages: clouds(Azure and Amazon) and remote servers (file storage)

New features in functionality

  • Added the possibility to rename slide on local PC
  • Added the possibility to rename folder on local PC

Bug fixed

  • Fixed progressive bar filling calculation system for slides with the multipart format as .vsi and .mrxs

Slide formats

Slide formats with PMA.transfer has been tested:
  • .mrxs
  • .svs
  • .ndpi
  • .vsi
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .zif
  • .tiff
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