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What's new in version 1.1?

PMA.core 1.1 is revision 784 of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 1.0 (revision 604).

In general, we targeted and fixed trouble areas to improve overall application stability. This delivers an enhanced user experience.

In addition, the following specific features were added in version 1.1:

  • New file type: Nikon .ND2 file
  • Improved support for Hamamatsu NDPI files (up to 117% faster reads)
  • Improved support for Zeiss CZI fluorescent files
  • Improved support for Zeiss ZVI files (brightfield support, multiple uncompressed image formats including grayscale, RGB, and RGBA)
  • Support for secure http (https:) and SSL certificates * New file type: DICOM (based on Leica's implementation on the SCN-400 scanner), including support for DICOM multiple frames and fluorescent data * New file type: Sakura SVSlide * Improved support for Olympus VSI files: support added for virtual slides with have a single scan area; associated directories can now have different naming conventions * Administrative users are no longer locked out when the concurrent user limit is reached. * Session lifetime can now be monitored in real time * Improved JPEG2000 support * Built-in OpenLayers 3 rendering framework allows for the creation of snapshots (which may have a copyright notice added to them) * Nested root-directories now allow file manipulation operations * Improved support for TIFF compression algorithms (added Adobe Deflate compression) * Improved support for TIFF files: GDAL exports and Nikon exports are now supported * Added fallback support for partially copied 3DHistech MRXS-files * Improved usage statistics to allow historical system monitoring and resource planning * Additional operating system parameters are available to allow faster GxP validation * Integrity report is now more visually appealing and the interface is more userfriendly * Comprehensive CSS-restyling allow better and more granular customization (for select customers) * Improved internal database security * Case insensitive login check implemented during user creation * Prevent root directories from having the same path or alias but different casing * Enabled CORS in the webservice API (for https: support)
  • Improved support for SVS files (latest Leica-generated SVS files)
  • Known and supported file formats can now be consulted via the user interface
  • Slide content can be rendered in PNG format (lossless compression) as well as JPEG format (lossy compression)
  • Access control lists (ACL) for root-directories and users
  • Password is no longer visible in user blog.

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