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Sometimes all you want is just to host your slides. PMA.slidebox is the right solution for you, then!

PMA.slidebox lets you put together interactive slide presentations with minimal effort. See the website for additional information and a complete feature list.

This site serves as a manual for the PMA.slidebox software package. Note that PMA.slidebox always runs on top of PMA.core.

Why PMA.slidebox?

Because in many situations, you want to offer people simple straightforward access to interactive virtual slides, without much hassle. People should just be able to go a site and start navigating your data. No login, no learning curve, no nothing.

PMA.slidebox looks simple, but anybody that has any experience with WSI data knows that it is, in effect, not.

Through PMA.slidebox you can combine over 30 different file formats, in any kind of imaging modality.

Getting your source tissue material may be difficult; Getting your slides may be difficult; Staining your slides may be difficult; Collecting your slides after scanning may be difficult; Organizing and sharing your slides is NOT

That is, when you choose to go with PMA.slidebox.

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