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We live in a connected world, where vertical data-silos unfortunately are still much too frequent.

With our PMA.vue and products, we want to help you integrate disparate information sources, and bring them together in a single harmonized interface.


With PMA.vue, you can integrate virtual slides (find out what makes these data so unique from other imaging data from any number of slide scanners into a single user interface.

You get tree-based navigation on top of your slide repositories (organized through a single PMA.core back-end tile server).

Not only can you connect to data within your own organization, PMA.vue also makes it easy to reach out to external parties and connect other to you in return. PMA.vue offers many sharing features, and comes with built-in snapshot capabilities to prepare manuscripts and other publications. adds connectivity where PMA.vue stops. allows interaction with multiple PMA.core tile servers simultaneously (as well as PMA.start and My Pathomation).

Meta-data is important to describe and annotate data. When configured properly in PMA.core, visualizes these accordingly and can be used as a front-end for interactive data capture from end-users.

Speaking of annotations: with you have the option to integrate data-layers and overlays from different image analysis suites. You can run a proprietary plugin in QuPath and another one in Fiji, and then visualize both results in to assess which implementation is best suited based on different conditions.

Compare PMA.vue and

The following table compares connectivity provisions between PMA.vue and

Connectivity Functionality PMA.vue
Incoming slides stored on server Yes Yes
slides stored on network drive Yes Yes
slides stored on S3 storage Yes Yes
slides stored in Azure Yes Yes
slides stored on FTP Yes Yes
slides stored local HDD - Yes
slides stored in My Pathomation - Yes
Annotations - Yes
Layout and presentation Pre-configured grids Yes Yes
Tab-based viewport organization Yes Yes
Aribitrary grid sizes - Yes
Outgoing Share live links to a folder Yes Yes
Share live links to a slide Yes Yes
Share live links to regions of interest Yes Yes
Share live links to grid Yes Yes
Snapshot creation Yes Yes
Annotations - Yes
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