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Conferencing panel

The conferencing feature of works in close collaboration with A server component must be configured explicitly in the administrative back-end in order for this functionality to work.

The Conferencing panel is currently an experimental feature of and works in 3 modes:

  1. No active conference: when there is no active conference this panel just show a placeholder that allows user to Create new conference or Join to existing conference.
  2. Active conference, user is admin: When there is an active conference and user is admin of conference user can see:
    1. Link to share - 'Copy' button allows to copy link to clipboard, and then this link can be used for joining a conference as participant
    2. Conference name (specified by admin)
    3. Owner - nickname of user who created a conference
    4. Nickname - nickname of current user
    5. Live mode - can be in 2 states - enabled (green circle), and disabled (red circle). When live mode is enabled conference participants can see the same ROIs as admin, when it is disabled participant cannot see
    6. Everyone in control - indicator is the same as for Live mode, when everyone in control enabled all participants can control what is being shown in conference
    7. Participants - list of participant nicknames
  3. Active conference, user is participant: When user joined to a conference as participant (s)he can see a reduced list of fields that are the same to one that is described in previous list item
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