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Annotations supports several ways of creating and managing annotations.

The annotations panel works in close collaboration with the dedicated "Annotations" tab on the ribbon:

When working with annotations, you enable the annotations panel by clicking the “Toggle annotations panel” button on the ribbon:

If you open a slide that has annotations, and the panel is not open yet, a prompt will ask if you want to activate the panel:

Panel features

Once the Annotations panel is activated, you see screen like this:

So, that was just the beginning and we have not many any actual annotation as yet. Now, if we look at the “Annotation” tab content on the ribbon it consists of different types of annotations tools we can use to draw annotations on a selected slide.

PMA.Studio provides different set of annotations tools you can choose from and draw annotations:

(Simple shapes)

  1. Rectangle
  2. Circle
  3. Ellipse

(Polygon Shapes)

  1. Polygon
  2. Closed Freehand
  3. Compound Freehand
  4. Wand

(Lines and curves)

  1. Line
  2. Freehand
  3. Merge lines into polygon

(Points and landmarks)

  1. Point
  2. Arrow
  3. Landmark2
  4. Landmark3
  5. Multipoint

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