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We strive to make the user interface (UI) of (and PMA.vue) as recognizable and easy to use as possible.

The top-part of the window is a toolbar implemented as a ribbon. The ribbon is a standard application implement now that is found in both general purpose applications like Microsoft Office, and even in specialized ones like geographic information systems (GIS).

The ribbon is like a header at the top of the (and PMA.vue) web application (which in turn runs in a web-browser). It has tabs where all the options are categorized. Each tab has a group of options. You can use each option direct from the ribbon using the buttons.

Context menu

A special mentioning is warranted for the ribbon's context-menu in the top left-hand corner of the ribbon: this brings up a separate menu with application-wide settings.


The multiple tabs, icons, groups, and the various options with their functionalities are described elsewhere in this wiki and can be consulted in two ways:

The Home tab is the default tab in Excel. It has the most frequently used options which have different groups like a clipboard, font, alignment, number, styles, cells, and editing.

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