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PMA.core provides multiple ways to search slides. On clicking the “Toggle Search Panel” button search panel opens up that allows you to search different slides for selected PMA.core server using PMA.core meta data API. Search UI allows you to select PMA.core server and perform search based on forms and fields against a slide.

Conducting searches

To conduct a search; user needs to select the PMA.core server from the dropdown list, by default the logged in PMA.core server is selected. Then by default “AND” logical operator is selected and user can change it to “OR” as per the logical condition to be applied on the selected parameters. Then we have the list of forms and respective form fields user can choose from. By default a hardcoded form value “Slide” is selected with two fields “path” and “barcode” which allows you to search slides through path and barcodes. User can select the form and respective fields as per their search criteria. You can add multiple conditions using the “Add Condition” button.

Interpreting results

Once you have selected search conditions and then press “Search” button list of results would show up if any. The results consists of “Folder”, “Slide name” and action button “Load to grid” that loads the selected search record slide to the viewport.

Refining search commands and troubleshooting

User can refine search according to the liking. UI allows you to select multiple forms with respective fields and apply conditions on them to get the desired results. You can add or remove conditions at will using the “remove” button.

If search do not match any records then no record message appears.

Annotation Filter

Annotation filter appears first time when you load a slide after login. The filter allows selection of user from dropdown and it will set the default user filter for annotations. Annotations will be filtered according to the selected filter and it remains same unless other selected annotation does not contain a user that was set by default, in this case it will prompt the user filter again for selection.

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