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Sharing live views

Sharing content is arguably one of the most important applications of digital pathology, if not for the Web in general. allows you to share content in a variety of ways. There is a dedicated group for sharing content on the ribbon:

When you just want to share what you’re currently looking at, chances are that you can get by with one of the quick share buttons:

  1. If you want to share the current folder you’re navigating, click on the “Share folder” button
  2. If you want to share the current slide that you’re looking at, click on the “Share slide” button
  3. If you want to share the current grid that you’re looking at, click on the “Share grid” button
  4. Etc.

Once you click of any of these options it shows a popup window that allows use to copy the shared link to clipboard or to download the QR-code

If you want more control over what and how you’re sharing content, you can click on the final “Share” button of the group. You could say that that’s our “universal” share button.

It allows for further customization of your share link, including:

  1. Password-protect your link
  2. Expire the link (e.g. students can only access it for the duration of a test)
  3. Include or exclude annotations from the shared link
  4. Use a QR code instead of a plain text link
  5. Etc.

Password protected preview


And once you press the “Create Link” button it will generate the share link and show a popup window with option to “Copy to clipboard” or “Download QR-Code”

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