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What's new in version 1.2.0?

PMA.core 1.2.0 is revision 883 of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 1.1 (revision 784).

General improvements in version 1.2.0:

  • LDAP support in the form of pass-through authentication (explicit PMA.core login still required)
  • Improved ND2 support (interleaved RGB channels, z-stacks)
  • Improved TIFF support (LZW compression)
  • Integrated IIS logfile statistics
  • Better interaction between form entry and webbrowser autocomplete behavior
  • License expiration warning
  • Full support for OpenLayers 3 rendering framework
  • Meta-data for forms can now be imported and exported
  • New file format: Aperio CWS

Programmability improvements:

  • Heatmap improvements (now available through an exposed view)
  • “Caller” argument and tracking allows granular application use monitoring
  • More control over tile and region rendering (Format and ImageQuality parameters)

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