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PMA.core supports the notion of Groups which you can find under the User management → Groups menu. A groups is simply a named list of users in which you can apply permissions. There is a special group named Everyone which cannot be deleted or edited that every PMA.core user is always a member of

In the main list page you can see a paginated list of all groups defined in the system. Each row (except the everyone group) has the following options for the corresponding group:

  • Edit
  • Details
  • Audit trail
  • Remove

On the top part of this page you can search a specific group either by clicking on the initial letter on the Quick Lookup option, or by typing part of the name in the search text box and pressing enter


You can create a new group by clicking on the Add button on the top right corner of the list page. To create a new you simply need to provide a name for this group


After creating a new group or by clicking on the Edit button on the list page you can modify a group. In this page you can add and remove users that are members of this group. You can also modify the group name.

  • Select one or more users on the left side panel and click the '»' button to add the selected users to the group
  • Select one or more users on the right side panel and click the '«' button to remove the selected users to the group

Audit trail

Clicking on the Audit Trail tab of a group will display a chronological list of all changes performed to a group, as well as all changes performed to the permissions of that group

This list contains the following useful info about a change in chronological order:

  • ActionType: The type of a change i.e. whether the user was created, updated or deleted
  • EventDate: The date the change occurred
  • UserLogin: The user that performed the change
  • Id, Name: The id and name of the group, before and after the changes


Clicking on the details tab or the details option in the list page will take you to a page to inspect all aspects of a group in a glance. In this page you can see

  • The group name
  • A list of all users that are members of this group
  • A permissions summary table. This is a list of all root directories available to the system along with all permissions applied to this group. For a list of all types of permissions available see Permissions

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