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Interfacing with PMA.core from 3rd party software

PMA.core is a very flexible product. In such, it can be interfaced with from a number of other environments. That type of operations is outside the scope of this document however, and we will suffice with a short outline of the various types of interaction here.

Downstream Pathomation products

Pathomation provides a comprehensive software platform for digital pathology and virtual microscopy. As such, virtually all of our end-user products rely on PMA.core to serve slide content (learn more about whole slide images and why you need a tile server in the first place)

A full overview of Pathomation products is available at

Plugins for third-party software

The Pathomation software platform comprises of several plugins that will let you bring pixels from virtual slides into your (analytic) environment of choice.

See our website at for more details.

APIs and SDKs

Still can't find what you're looking for with a plugin? We have a separate developer portal page where we take a look at how we allow integration with many more environments, platforms, and programming languages.

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