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Image settings

In the image settings section image compression and tile related values can be configured.

Image settings

Field Description
Tile size The size of each side of the served tiles in pixels. A value of 400 indicates that resulting tiles will be 400 x 400 pixels in size
Image format The image format for all the served images (tiles, thumbnails, snapshots etc.). This can be JPEG (lossy compression) or PNG (lossless compression)
Tile quality A value in the 1 to 100 range. This number defines the image quality for lossy compression schemes. Default value is 100 (equal to 100% quality). The parameter does not apply when the image format is set to PNG. See what impact this has on data traffic.

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Cache settings

In the cache settings section the cache strategy of the system can be defined.

The learn more about what kind of data is cached in general, see this page.

Field Description
Use cache Indicates whether or not the system caches requested tiles. By default, caching is turned off.
Cache path The directory where cache files are stored. This is a web application relative path
Retention days The number of days after which a cache file is automatically erased by the system
Tile cache Indication of current space consumption of cached tiles
S3 cache Indication of current space consumption of cached chunks of slides that reside on S3 storage
Total cache size Accumulated cache space consumption


Operation Description
Empty cache older than retention days Erase cache files that haven't been consulted recently
Empty cache for orphan slides Erases cache files for slides that do not exist anymore
Empty all cache Erases all cache files
Save Saves the cache settings

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Barcode settings

Settings about barcode recognition by PMA.core. This is an algorithm converting barcode images to text

Field Description
Try harder to read barcode texts Allow for more time consuming algorithms to read the barcodes. This can slow the system down but provide more accurate results
Disable barcode scanning Disable barcode scanning completely for speed. You can disable this safely if you don't want the barcodes to be read in text
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