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Manipulating slides

Whole Slide Images comes in a variety of (physical) shapes and sizes. Some file formats (like Zeiss ZVI or Nikon ND2) can represent no more than a (multi-fluorescent channel) snapshot. Other formats can be very complex and consist of multiple files and directories.

At the end of the day, end-users just want to be able to manipulate whole slide images. As an end-user you do not want to worry about which files constitute your WSIs, especially not if you have a heterogeneous working environment with slides originating from different scanners.

In order the make the process of manipulating WSIs a seamless experience, PMA.core offers slide move and copy operations as part of its user interface.

All you need to do is indicate which slide(s) you want to transfer and where you want to have it transferred to. PMA.core takes care of transferring the whole slide behind the scenes, whether it consists of just one or multiple files.

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