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Miscallenous topics

Advanced customization

Depending on your license terms and specific installation, you may see more or less additional columns behind the login. E.g., you may have a restrictive version that doesn't allow you the granularity to determine which users may perform annotations and which ones may not. In that case, the column 'Can Annotate' will not be visible for your particular installation. You should contact us if you feel absence of certain features is somehow an error or if you think anything else is missing (that you were actually expecting to see).

Data encryption

PMA.core encrypts all sensitive information using the AES algorithm. PMA.core looks for the encryption key in the following locations:

  • PMACORE_ENCRYPTION_KEY environment variable
  • EncryptionKey key in the App_Data\Data\PMA.core.config file (fallback if no env var is defined)
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