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Heatmap statistics

The heatmap of a slide is a statistic calculated by PMA.core that shows the regions that users view most frequently in a slide. It can be used to find the interesting regions (or at least the regions interesting to your users…) of your hosted slides. This is displayed in a colorful image with more reddish colors indicating highly trafficed regions. At the bottom of the heatmap you can see the color legend which describes what each color indicates in terms of the number of region requests.

To generate a Heatmap for a specific slide you need to:

  1. Select a date range to request usage data. You can narrow this range to your needs
  2. Select the folder that contains the slide you want in the middle column
  3. Select the slide you want in the last column
  4. After the thumbnail of the slide is shown click on “Calculate Heatmap”

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