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PMA.core supports 7 different types of permissions on Root Directories, that can be applied to a user or a group. Those types are:

  • Create: This grants permissions to create folders, subfolders in a root directory.
  • Read: This grants permissions to read slides and the contents of all folders in a root directory. Also grants the permissions to read annotations from slides in a root directory.
  • Update: This grants permissions to rename and move slides and folders in a root directory.
  • Delete: This grants permissions to delete slides and folders in a root directory.
  • Download: This grants permissions to download slides via the Transfer API.
  • Upload:This grants permissions to upload slide via the Transfer API.
  • ExecuteScript: This grants permissions to execute scripts on the slides of a root directory using the Script API.

To create, edit or delete annotations, a user must have the Create, Update and Delete permissions assigned, regardless of which exactly operation they are performing on the annotations.

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