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About PMA.core 3.0.2

PMA.core manages your whole slide images. It operates through web protocols and supports a number of file formats, allowing you to manipulate WSI data from different vendors in a standardized manner. This enables efficient management of digital slide images while requiring minimal setup.

Click here to see what's new in release 3.0.2. Alternative, you can still follow this link if you're looking for the wiki of PMA.core 3.0.1.

PMA.core is a tile server

PMA.core is foremost a tile server. Whole slide images are big, and an efficient scheme must be in place to optimally serve their content. PMA.core is that efficient solution.

Our YouTube video tells you more about tile servers and whole slide images

PMA.core offers a jumpstart into digital pathology

PMA.core can be used as a foundation for applications that allow viewing and other operations on WSIs such as annotations, data capture, and image analysis. PMA.core contains the necessary functions to retain these types of data, but by itself it does not provide end-user interfaces to create and manipulate it.

The software acts as an honest broker between the various vendor-dependent file formats on one end, and a variety of different end-user applications on the other.

Find out what's new in version 3.0.2 right away.

PMA.core gives you regulatory compliance

Because of our history, we realized very early on that regulatory compliance in medical imaging is more than a nice to have feature. It's a requirement.

PMA.core offers audit trailing, 21 CFR part 11 compliance. Each release is also GAMP 5 validated.

PMA.core is CE-IVD certified for in vitro diagnostic use for making diagnosis and measurements on all compatible image file types.

Our unique device information can be found in the Eudamed database

Peace of mind

PMA.core is a high-end, robust tile server solution for digital pathology and virtual microscopy alike. Through its broad support for a wide variety of industry standards and regulatory compliance, it's most important characteristic is probably the peace of mind it brings you:

  • Peace of mind that when you encounter a new scanner on the market, we already heard about it, and we already support it out of the box.
  • Peace of mind that you can scale your storage approach from gigabytes to terabytes and beyond
  • Peace of mind that you finally have a one-stop shop to combine slide image data with any variation of meta-data

The website is a wiki. For a complete up to date list of (commercial) features, see our website.

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