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License handling

This wiki entry is about the technical aspects of licensing in PMA.core. Pathomation's license policy is described on its website.

Are you dealing with an expired license? See the procedure on license renewal.

Pathomation has a software licensing scheme that involves the exchange of license files.

Based on the duration of your agreement, we issue you a license file that incorporates parameters like expiration date and number of concurrent roaming seats. The license file is tied to your particular installation of PMA.core and non-transferrable to other instances (this includes virtual machines) or installation folders.

The PMA.core user interface includes everything you need to initiate and update your own installation and licensing scheme.

Access to license management

You gain access to PMA.core's license management by clicking on the icon from the main management interface:

Alternatively, you can access the license management at any time from anywhere in the interface via the menu option in the left navigation menu:

Missing or expired license

If no license is installed or your license has expired, you'll see an error message immediately after logging in.

Follow these steps to be issued a new license.

Alternatively, you can contact Pathomation to obtain a new license.

Exceeded concurrency

PMA.core has a licensing model based on concurrency.

It is possible therefore that, while your software license hasn't expired yet, the number of concurrent seats is exceeded.

If this happens frequently, you should consider purchasing additional roaming seats.

After that, you can follow these steps to upgrade your license.

Business continuity

An administrator can still log into PMA.core even if concurrent users limit is exceeded. Two common tasks that you may still want to do as an administrator once the number of maximum concurrent users is exceeded are:

  • Remove an active session from the pool so that roaming licenses become available to others (e.g. when users don't log out properly)
  • Update the license key as provided by Pathomation after purchasing additional concurrent licenses
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