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PMA.core offers an internal event logging system for actions requested by the server. The logged types of events are :

  • Image: A user requested a slide information, usually through the ImageInfo API call
  • Form: A form was created, requested or data was submitted to a form by a user
  • Annotation: New annotations were created by a user
  • Mail: This logs mails sent by the PMA.core server. This includes mails about maintenance, forgotten passwords, license issues

Home page

You can find the 10 latest events in the home page of the administrator front-end UI of PMA.core. Clicking View All will take you to the Events page

Events page

In the events page you can see all events logged by PMA.core in a paginated format. Also a date filter to narrow the events list on specific date ranges is supported.

Events API

You can also programmatically get a paginated list of events using the Get Events API. Only administrators have access to this API and the request is always paginated because of the large number of events in a typical PMA.core server.

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