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Compression types

PMA.core supports the following CODECs:

  • Blosc
  • BMP
  • Deflate
  • iSyntax
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000
  • lossless
  • LZW
  • PNG
  • RLE

In addition, for select file formats we also indicate the level of compression used, which is particularly useful when using lossless compression.

The JPEG quality is a property of the encoder and not saved in the file, the same applies for TIFF with JPEG tiles. We implement the quality on the formats that provide that expose this information as a metadata field.

Those are:

  • SVS,
  • MRXS,
  • NDPI,
  • VSI,
  • BIF

Note about PNG: this file has no property about quality.

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