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What's new in version 3.0.1?

PMA.core 3.0.1 is commit (be720dc8) of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 3.0.0 (f47dcd301e). It is not a major revision, with small refinements and bug fixes.

General improvements

  • DeleteDirectory API method now supports deleting recursively files, folders and subfolders
  • Add resolution information for Olympus OIR format
  • Implement missing shapes for the Aperio XML annotation format
  • Add barcode scanner timeout to free up server resources
  • Include build date in the admin section footer
  • Speedup annotation conversion to Aperio XML
  • Support LDAPs security protocol

New functionality

  • Barcode and macro API methods allow resizing of the resulting image
  • Support IAM Roles for AmazonS3 storage
  • Support secure Amazon S3 storage
  • Indexing background service for slides,barcodes and annotations to allow for faster searching
  • New faster query API using FULL-TEXT search
  • Add `logicalOperator` parameter in Metadata API call to support AND and OR combination for expressions
  • Added support for time frames in VSI images
  • Added support for barcode rendering in VSI images
  • Export all audit trail pages(Root directories, mounting points, users etc) to Excel files
  • Allow changing the username of a user
  • Allow substring searching in field values

Bugs fixed

  • Fix bug in barcodes in Carl-Zeiss CZI format
  • Fix pyramid and color channels for OME-TIFF format
  • Hide subdirectories of ZARR format
  • Fix a bug in uploading to Amazon S3/Azure storage
  • Fixed issues with colorization of grayscale layers in VSI images
  • Fixed issue when clicking the mountable test button in Root Directories Admin page, to maintain the current page after redrawing.
  • Added error handling in Kakadu to catch exceptions in managed code instead of crashing the application
  • Handle invalid XML Aperio files without crashing
  • Fixed Swagger security vulnerability
  • .svs slide shows incorrect scaling

Known issues

  • Gamma parameter when passed by the client side, has no effect for CZI files(CORE3-68)

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