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What's new in version 2.0.0?

PMA.core 2.0.0 is revision 1803 of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 1.2.2 (revision 915). It is a major revision, with many new features.

Cloud storage support

  • Support for the S3 protocol, most known from Amazon AWS. The protocol is supported by many other vendors, including IBM, Western Digital (HGST), and Arvados, amongst others.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure storage
  • Databases can now be stored directly in Amazon's RDS, or Microsoft Azure SQLServer resources. If so desired, customers no longer need to depend on on-server installation of Microsoft SQLServer.

File format support [ see also page on file formats ]

  • Improved TIFF file handling
  • Added support for single component JPEG2000 streams and fluorescent SVS slides
  • Added support for Aperio AFI slides
  • Added support for Hamamatsu NDPIS slides
  • Prevent reading channel color in brightfield images
  • Improved Perkin Elmer QPTIFF slide handling
  • Added support for DICOM and TIFF export in render region
  • Added Olympus Webview format
  • Implement z-stacks for Leica SCN slides
  • Improved MRXS handling and rendering (memory usage with respect to tile coordinates)
  • Improved BIF handling
  • Re-wrote CZI parsing logic (so not not be dependent on vendor binaries and be able to support the file format in a cloud context)
  • Added support for Unic Tech TMAP file format
  • Improved support for Huron TIFF slides
  • Added support for JPEGXR-encoded MRXS slides
  • Added support for Perkin Elmer QPTiff brightfield slides
  • Added support for Microsoft Deepzoom DZI file format (also used by OpenSeaDragon)
  • Added support for multi-file OME TIFF slides
  • Added support for JPEG-XR (as a separate file format).
  • ImageInfo dictionaries are now enriched with vendor-specific meta-data
  • Improved support for Olympus VSI slides (z-stacking, fluo)
  • Added support for KFBio file format
  • Added support for Omnyx RTS file format
  • Added support for Philips iSyntax file format
  • Improved support for DICOM (YCbCr photometric interpretation and JPEG 2000 streams)
  • Improved support for NDPI (barcode clipping)

Meta-data handling [ see also blog article ]

  • Increased form label and name length
  • Increased FormFieldValue length
  • Manage external connections and data sources (SQLServer / Oracle)
  • Form list value IDs are not zero-based (when set via the API)
  • Implemented PMANN (Pathomation Annotation) provisions for grouped annotation sets

External annotation support

  • PMA.core 2.0 supports MLD annotation files from Visiopharm, and ANNOTATION annotation files from Indica Labs (HALO).
  • PMA.core 2.0 supports embedded (native) annotations from a number of select hardware vendors, including Aperio (SVS) and 3DHistech (MRXS).
  • Export annotations to HALO Indicate Labs .ANNOTATION files
  • Export annotations to Visiopharm .MLD files
  • Export annotations to Aperio XML files
  • Convert native and 3rd party annotations to other formats

Other features

  • Fixed bug with regards to Elmah error handling
  • Software no longer depends on in-memory tile caching, which was buggy
  • Fixed bug in ACL overview
  • Fix in installation checks
  • Obtain a user's IP address when a session is accessed
  • Add “Any” option to password restriction config
  • Fixed references to use /admin instead of /api where needed, which leads to a more secure application
  • Add check for expired sessions in admin/SessionInfo
  • Conditionally reject users with duplicate email addresses; also check for email uniqueness during user update
  • Improved email report
  • Only search online root-directories; catch Amazon S3 exceptions and continue searching
  • Improved handling of non-existing root-directories
  • Error string fixed
  • Proper handling of empty cache
  • User interface improvements for image management pages
  • Improved cache control
  • License history is now available for troubleshooting and tracking
  • Fingerprinting can now be used to request annotations and forms (meta-data)
  • Added support for TLS 1.2
  • Updated barcode reading (OCR) library
  • LDAP improvements
  • Added built-in search capabilities to image management pages
  • Site-to-site slide transfer is now possible (works independently from PMA.transfer )
  • Implemented channel clipping and (fluo) histogram functionality
  • Root-directories can now have a quota limit

Developer support

  • Improved swagger documentation
  • Added PMA.UI slide visualization framework documentation
  • Add SessionInfo call to AdminService API
  • Enhancements with regards to tracing database security
  • Control root directory access through AdminService API
  • Suspend user accounts via API
  • ExportAnnotations() API call allows for automated annotation export and conversion
  • Improved API capabilities for form (meta-data) automation
  • Upload automation is possible as an alternative to PMA.transfer
  • Several API methods were re-implemented to now support multiple SlideRef arguments for improved performance

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