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What's new in version 2.0.2?

PMA.core 2.0.2 is revision 2081 of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 2.0.1 (revision 2069). It is a minor revision, with small refinements and bugfixes.

General improvements

  • Enrich license metadata
  • Allow mounting points to be created even if PMA.core has no access to them

New functionality

  • Allow token information to propagate to Amazon S3/Arvados root directories for authentication

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug when rendering images larger than 2^16 - 1 width or height
  • Fixed a bug when rendering thumbnails of some large iSyntax files

Known issues

  • MRXS 2.5 slides are not handled properly (applied color correction is inccorrect)

See also

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