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What's new in version 3.0.0?

PMA.core 3.0.0 is commit f47dcd30 of the PMA.core codebase. It follows PMA.core 2.0.2 (revision 2081). It is a major revision, with breaking changes, new functionality, small refinements and bug fixes.

General improvements

  • Improved performance of listing root directories
  • Admin UI improvements
  • Updated PMA.UI version
  • Improved support for Ventana TIFF slides

New functionality

  • Added user groups and permissions per root directory
  • Added new root directory type based on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Added ServerSettings Admin API call
  • Implemented DeleteSlide API call
  • Added support for context in annotations
  • Added storage checks in the installation checks page
  • Added functionality to prevent rendering slide labels
  • Added support for Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix slides

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug that caused uploads to fail if a file name contained non ASCII characters
  • Fixed bug to prevent running the cache cleaning procedure more than once at the same time
  • Fixed bug that prevented uploading of BIF slides where the TIFP file was missing, but not required
  • Fixed audit trail dead lock issue
  • Fixed bug when attempting to render image regions that have width or height larger than 32.767 (2^16-1)
  • Fixed bug when rendering iSyntax image regions

Known issues

  • MRXS 2.5 slides are not handled properly (applied color correction is inccorrect) - CORE3-158
  • CZI barcode throws exception - CORE3-153
  • Objective Imaging (Glissandro) is not supported in Amazon S3/Azure/Azure Data Lake Gen2 - CORE3-193
  • GE Omnyx / Inspirata RTS is not supported in Amazon S3/Azure/Azure Data Lake Gen2
  • Ellipse annotation from the Aperio XML annotations format is not exported correctly - CORE3-177
  • Missing resolution information in Olympus OIR file format
  • Multipoint, arrows are not supported from Aperio XML annotations format - CORE3-178
  • Rendering of multi resolution, multi channel 16 bit OME-TIFF files is not correct - P0087-1

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